Public Involvement

Click through the following timeline to get a better idea of how the LRTP 2040 public involvement campaign was carried out over the course of the long range transportation planning period from 2012 to 2014.

Below the timeline are additional details about some of the main components of the campaign.

Community Conversations Bus

LRTP 2040 Bus Diagram

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Public Comment Map

Click on the mode icons to see public comments received in the LRTP Interactive Map. A full list of comments appears in the plan document.

Visioning Meetings

A total of four visioning meetings took place to capture a wide range of local input. The conversations at the four visioning meetings were centered around two related questions:

  • What would the Champaign-Urbana region look like in 2040 if we were to do nothing different?
  • What kind of changes could we make to create a better future?

David Michael Moore, local illustrator and graphic facilitator, drew the visioning posters during the four forums to help summarize the comments made by participants.

Developer’s Roundtable Visioning Forum,¬†November 19, 2013lrtp business luncheon poster November 19, 2013

RPC Visioning Forum, November 14, 2013

lrtp-business-luncheon-poster November 14, 2013

Public Visioning Forum, November 6, 2013

lrtp business luncheon poster November 6, 2013

Youth Visioning Forum, November 2, 2013

lrtp business luncheon poster November 2, 2013
The following video contains ten minutes of highlights from the conversation held during the public visioning forum on November 6th, 2013:

The following is a link to a presentation of the final LRTP given by CUUATS staff to various public agencies during the final approval process: